Corporate Gifts & Hampers

Want to level up your corporate game?

Picture this: your team or clients receiving a sweet surprise—literally!

Our hampers are like treasure chests packed with goodies, from tasty treats to pampering essentials. But here's the kicker: you can add your own merchandise in there, absolutely free of charge! It's not just a gift; it's a gesture that says, 'Hey, we appreciate you!'

Strengthen those connections, spread some joy, and make lasting memories with our awesome hampers. Trust us, it's a win-win!

We Get It!

As a small business, we understand the need to impress not only your clients, but also your staff!

Checkout some of the local businesses we supply to!

- Alman Partners

- First Choice Home Loans

- Local Eyes

- Goosies Sports & Recreation Club

- Magpies Sporting Club- Elders Insurance- Rebel Nation

- Trantech Computers



About the Owner

My name is Katrina, and I'm the business owner, accountant, delivery driver, and hamper creator of Cherish Hampers & Gifts.

I opened the business in February 2022 but have been passionate about gift giving my entire life. To me, a gift is an extension of the love you have for someone. You put the same thought and time into the gift as you do for your loved one.
I created this business to help people save time but still give meaningful gifts.

I strive to buy products from other small businesses locally in Mackay as well as all over Australia. Everyone wins with this business structure.

Personally, I'm a bit silly, an over thinker, a mum, a neurodivergent and someone who loves to make others happy!

So yeah, that's me. Nice to meet you, and thanks for following along as my little business grows with the support of YOU!

Our Suppliers & Community

We created this business to intertwine community connection & gift giving.

By supporting our local small businesses, we not only build our business but we build the businesses of those around us.

We pride ourselves on working closely with suppliers in our region & across Australia. These people become our friends and we want to see all small businesses grow & succeed.